Common Issues

Missing template

Crud-json-api does not require you to create templates so if you see the following error you are most likely not sending the correct application/vnd.api+json Accept Header with your requests:

Error: Missing Template

Missing routes

Crud-json-api depends on CakePHP Routing to generate the correct links for all resources in your JSON API response.

If you encounter errors like the one shown below, make sure that both your primary resource and all related resources are added to the API_RESOURCES constant found in your config/routes.php file.

A route matching '' could not be found.

Schema not registered

If you see the following error make sure that valid Table and Entity classes are present for both the primary resource and all related resources.

Schema is not registered for a resource at path ''.

Normal HTML is returned

If you are just getting back a standard page response, rather than a JSON response (and you have confirmed that you are sending the correct JSON API Request Headers) it is most likely because you already have a controller action defined for the resource you are trying to request. For CRUD to handle it, you must remove any existing controller actions that conflict with the routes you are trying to configure.

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